Andhra Pradesh - Delivering Accessible and Responsive Health Care Services

Health is a human right. The Government of Andhra Pradesh, the eighth-largest state in India with 60 million population, plans to revamp its health-care system to provide more personalized care to their citizens. Andhra Pradesh Government’s overarching goal is to deliver accessible and responsive health-care services guided by the needs of patients, while achieving the best value for the health care.

State Government is Investing in providing health services that are essential for better functioning of their citizens as workforce need to function to their potential for the productivity of the businesses. Government is investing in developing and delivering vaccination programs, ensuring safe drinking water and food supplies, managing disease outbreaks, monitoring and reporting on health status via CM Dashboard and encouraging healthy behaviours to prevent disease, disability and injury.

Anna Sanjivani scheme is making generic medicine available and more accessible to the public at a price lesser than half of the actual price. Around 205 essential medicines are made available to public across 300+ Anna Sanjivani outlets across the state. Under Chandranna Sanchara Chikitsa, villages with no existing health facilities within 5 km radius are provided with medical services with the help of Mobile Medical Units. 12,000 such villages were identified and offered services regularly. Diabetes, hypertension, epilepsy, communicable diseases, ANC/ PNC checkups and other common ailments are investigated and treated.

Talli Bidda Express, through dedicated vehicles, provides transportation service to new mothers who deliver at Government hospitals. This service is coordinated by 102 call center which operates 24X7. A ‘Mata-Shishu’ tracking system has also been developed to extend more improved medical aid to the pregnant women and babies. It is Government’s endeavour to improve the health status of people by reducing Maternal Mortality ratio, Infant Mortality Rate and decrease the disease burden by providing the quality health services within the reach.

Government provides free Radiology Services to all the patients visiting and prescribed by a doctor in all the CHCs, Area and District Hospitals across the State. Government had set up NTR Vaidya Seva Trust which benefits members of Below Poverty Line (BPL) families as enrolled in white ration card. The government has also started various supplementary nutritional programmes like ‘Giri Gorumuddalu’, ‘Anna Amrutha Hastham’ for both mother and child to strengthen the fight against malnutrition and anaemia. This is imperative as one third of the deaths of children are due to lack of nutritious food.

Samsung India in partnership with Government of Andhra Pradesh, transforming communities and creating a better life for people of the state. Samsung Smart Healthcare initiative combines good infrastructure, latest technology and best available medical expertise under one roof to people from the financially and socially weaker areas of society. As part of the program, Samsung has offered advanced and ingenious healthcare devices such as digital ultrasound and digital x-ray made by the company to the hospitals.

Health services are also being provided in PPP mode to ensure better delivery with quality. Reputed national & international institutions are engaged as Technology Partners to provide technical inputs. Services being delivered in this mode are Talli Bidda Express, NTR Vaidya Pariksha Free Diagnostic Laboratory Services, Tele-Radiology X Ray Services, Tele-Radiology CT Scan, NTR Baby Kit, National Free Dialysis, Chandranna Sanchara Chikitsa, Mukyamanthri Arogya Kendralu, Mukya manthri e–Eye Kendram, Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Service, Hospital Sanitation, Security, Pest & Rodent Control, CHC Sanitation services, Hospital Linen & Laundry Services, Mahaprasthanam. Technology Partners associated with these programs include World Health Organization, Tata institute of Social Science and AIIMS among others.

Government promotes, improves and protects the health and well-being of People of Andhra Pradesh through leadership, partnership, innovation and action. Data is Gathered, analyzed, interpreted and presented on the health status of the population using Cm Dashboard for decision making and quicker action