Global Competitive Index


Planning Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh in 2015 had started an exercise of benchmarking its progress against the World economies, an outcome of which was computing the Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) 2015-16 for the state of AP. A survey covering 250 business leaders and entrepreneurs in the state was carried out which led to very motivating results, with Andhra Pradesh scoring 4.35 and a rank equivalent of 51 that was better than India (score: 4.31; rank: 55). The increased confidence of the investors in Andhra Pradesh provided a fillip to the state to provide them with better conditions of carrying out their businesses in terms of increasing the state’s overall competitiveness.

The second & third rounds of GCI were more encouraging with AP being ahead of India and scoring 4.57 (rank equivalent of 36) in second round and 4.62 (rank equivalent of 39) in third round. Comparing the results between first and third rounds of AP-GCI Survey, the state of Andhra Pradesh has not only gained significantly in the areas of Institutions, Infrastructure, and Technological Readiness; but has also made a mark in the range of efficiency-driven economies. Characterized with a rich demographic dividend, vast pool of natural resources, and efficiently performing public institutions the State aims at being in top 25 economies in terms of competitiveness.

  2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
  Rank out of 140 Score (on scale 1-7) Rank out of 140 Score (on scale 1-7) Rank out of 140 Score (on scale 1-7)
India 55 4.31 39 4.52 40 4.59
AP 51 rank equivalent 4.37 36 rank equivalent 4.57 39 rank equivalent 4.62