Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Government of Andhra Pradesh seeks to put forward, the pathway for a rapid economic growth scenario while at the same time striving for a sustainable and thriving ecosystem. i.e., accomplishing the twin objectives of Sustainable Development and Inclusive Growth by incorporating Green and Sustainability into its developmental goals and strategies. Vision for a sustainable Andhra Pradesh is also in line with the global goals, namely SDGs and climate change mitigation and adaption.

Andhra Pradesh aims to have by 2029, 30% share of renewable energy, 50% green cover, 100% drought proofing, 60% water use efficiency, 100% solid and liquid waste management, Infrastructure, which is resilient to disasters and reduced green house gas emissions In the endeavor, "Andhra Pradesh Inventory of Green House Gas Emissions" is prepared to evaluate mitigation activities, thereby becoming the first state in the country to come up with an Inventory of State GHG emissions.

This assessment provides information on Andhra Pradesh's emissions of Greenhouse gases Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Nitrous Oxide emitted from anthropogenic activities at State level from Energy, Agriculture, Industrial Processes and Product Use Waste and Land Use Land Use Change & Forestry and the Action Plan included in the publication highlights the various sectors contributing to GHG emissions and recommendations to reduce it.