Agriculture and Allied

The Agriculture & Allied Sectors registered a growth rate of 14.03% in 2016-17 at Constant 2011-12 Prices with a GVA of Rs. 1,38,833 Crore as against the previous year's (i.e. 2015-16) growth rate of 8.13%. At Constant prices, Livestock, Horticulture and Fishing sectors were the key contributors to the Double Digit Growth that propelled the performance of the Agriculture & Allied Sectors during 2016-17 to register an impressive growth of 14.03%. Despite a 28% deficit in rainfall in the state, the Agricultural sector (GVA of Rs. 31,515 Crore) was able to register an abysmal positive growth of 2.03% during the year 2016-17. The performance of Horticulture sector was quite impressive with GVA of Rs.34,013 Crore during the year 2016-17 and it registered a growth of 16.79% at Constant prices. The Livestock sector was the major contributor to the State GVA with Rs.39,164 Crore (28.2% in Agriculture and Allied Sector). The Fishing Sector registered a growth rate of 30.09% in 2016-17 at Constant (2011-12) Prices with a GVA of Rs. 31,841 crore.

Some of the important initiatives that the State Government has taken up in the Agriculture and Allied Sectors are-
  • Supply of seeds through Aadhar enabled webland based biometric system- Aadhar enabled webland based bometric system has been introduced for the first time for distribution of groundnut seed during Kharif 2016 and Bengalgram during Rabi 2016 and this has been extended for 2017-18 also.
  • Soil Health Cards - All the farm holdings of the state will be covered under Soil Health Cards by 2017-18.
  • Andhra Pradesh Drought Mitigation Project (APDMP)- The project was approved for drought proofing and mitigating the distress of farmers of 5 chronic drought affected districts viz. Ananthapur, Chittoor, Kadapa, Kurnool and Prakasam. The programme commenced from 2017-18 with an outlay of Rs. 1100 Cr (Rs. 500 Cr. Being funded by IFAD)
  • Promotion of Organic farming - Only 0.3% of the number of tenant farmers got crop loans in 2016-17. Total 48,565 farmers were covered in 704 villages of all districts in the 1st year of Zero Budget Natural Farming Programme 2016-2021.
  • Farm Mechanization - During 2016-17, an amount of Rs. 240 cr was spent towards Farm Mechanization. 914 Custom Hiring Centres were established in 2016-17.
  • Chandranna Rythu Kshetralu (CRK)- During 2015-16, 1892 CRK units were organized. During 2016-17, it was proposed to organize 3500 no. of CRK units.
  • Additional area under Horticulture- 15.82 Lakh Ha is the existing area under Horticulture in the state. There is a potential to bring additional 3.16 Lakh Ha area under Horticultural production in the next 3 years.
  • Micro-Irrigation - 20.82 Lakh Ha is the total potential area that can come under micro irrigation, out of which only 8.35 Lakh Ha area has been covered. 12.47 Lakh Ha is the balance potential area which can be brought under Micro Irrigation.
  • Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) - 80 Horticulture FPOs were created in 2016-17.
  • >Livestock Insurance - Livestock Insurance schemes have been designed for risk management in the state.
  • Sexed semen - Introduction of sexed semen on 75% subsidy to give the opportunity to the farmers to have calf of their choice in terms of sex
  • Silage production - 6 Lakh MT of silage is being planned to be produced in 2017-18.
  • Fodder production - To promote fodder production 38070 Qtls of fodder seed has already been distributed to the farmers on 75% subsidy covering 76140 hectares under fodder production with an estimated fodder yield of 7.60 LMTs. 27805 MTs of silage has been produced and distributed to the farmers @ Rs.2/- per kg so far covering 62900 animals.
  • Milch animal induction - 50,000 high genetic merit milch breed animals will be inducted from different states.
  • Insurance to fishers - The Department of Fisheries is enrolling the fishers under the Chandranna Bima Scheme, which is more beneficial compared to the previous Group Accident Insurance Scheme (GAIS). The fishermen expressed their satisfaction on Chandranna Bima Scheme as the insurance amount is Rs 5.00 lakhs for Accidental Death; Rs 3.62 lakhs for Partial/ Permanent Disability, for Rs 0.30 lakhs for natural death provision for Scholarships for Education whereas the maximum amount insured under GAIS was Rs.2.00 lakh. Insurance companies have agreed to cover shrimp culture under Comprehensive Insurance Policy @ 6.5% on sum assured @ Rs. 10 Lakhs/Ha/crop.
  • Deep sea fishing - 50 units of Deep sea fishing vessels have been introduced for 2017-18 with financial assistance of NCDC and Blue Revolution. Marine nets to 1121 marine crafts have been provided with 50% subsidy. Promotion of deep sea fishing Gear (Hook & Line) with 50% subsidy covering 150 Motorised/ Mechanised Crafts.
  • e-National Agricultural Market - 22 markets of AP have been enrolled under e-NAM till date.
  • Modernised Rythu Bazar - About 155 new modernised Rythu Bazars wil be set up in the state.