Tourism and Hospitality – Summary


Under Vision 2029, it is envisioned to position Andhra Pradesh as a leading state in tourism to enable the state to become one of the most visited states in the country. The Sector Paper has critically identified the challenges faced by the sector; and in response to these challenges it has chalked out the theme based strategic roadmaps. Further, the paper also has listed down strategy specific and action oriented KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to be adopted in short, medium and long term to achieve the Vision.

The present state of tourism in the state face challenges in a number of areas which are critical for a thriving tourism sector. Each of these areas is not just a challenge but also the potential where significant improvement can be and should be made:

  • Lack of Data
  • Low Vitalization of tourism assets
  • Insufficient tourism infrastructure
  • Low private sector investment
  • Lack of Institutional structure for Inter-Departmental Coordination
  • Wide skill gap
  • Low returns to Local Economy
  • Poor technology adoption rate
The sector paper suggests the following strategies to achieve the potential of Andhra Pradesh to position itself as a leading in tourism: :
  • Development of 9 Tourism Themes- High Revenue, Market Focused, Destination and Circuit development.
  • Marketing and Brand building, upgrading technology, website content, features and mobile app availability.
  • Governance and institutional frameworks, policies, institutional changes
  • Investment in tourism sector: Investor friendly policy, investor outreach and destination promotions.
  • Benefits to local economy: Local Tourism Enterprise creation and skills development
  • Integration with high technology
  • World Class Tourist Experience
Key Target Numbers:
Target 2020 2029
Domestic Arrivals Top 3 states in India Most visited state in India
About 178 Million About 432 Million
International Arrivals Top 12 states in India Top 3 states in India
About 5 Lakh About 5 Million
Tourism contribution to GSDP About INR 73,218 Crore About INR 2,94,336 Crore
Contribution to Employment About 5 Lakh (additional) About 10 Lakh (additional)
Tourism Investments INR 10,000 Crore INR 20,000 crore
Length of Stay >4 8
Approved hotel room inventory ~20000 ~40000