Conclave on Improving Economic Participation of Women in Andhra Pradesh

Roadmap for achieving SDG 5

The 2-day Conclave on Improving Economic Participation of Women in Andhra Pradesh towards achieving SDG 5 (Gender Equality) hosted by Planning Department, GoAP in partnership with National Foundation for India, which started today was joined by dignitaries from the State government, private sector, civil society organizations, and academic communities who discussed issues of women workforce participation, women health, gender wage gap, leadership roles in politics, women security, among others. The solution-oriented conclave is aimed at fostering exchange of ideas, brainstorming and strategizing which will shape the State’s policies for an economy and society with higher gender parity.

Delivering the welcome address - “Snapshot of current economic and political participation of women in Andhra Pradesh”, Mr. Sanjay Gupta, Planning Secretary, GoAP mentioned about the State having a monitoring system to track the progress on a real-time basis and it’s preferable that scheme budgeting is focused on in the State’s Annual budget. He stressed on the economic imperative of a larger share of women participating in economic activities.

“In the coming years, women participation is very important as the trend shows an increase in the dependent population and a decrease in the working age demographics,” he added.

In the presidential address, Prof. Pam Rajput, Member - NITI Aayog Working Group on Gender & Former Chair - High Level Committee on Status of Women, GoAP said “5Ps - People, Planet, Peace, Prosperity and Partnership should be the mantra till 2022. For SDGs to succeed globally, India must perform well and the State governments are essential to achieve SDGs. Gender Equality is a goal which is cross-cutting all the 17 SDGs. Also, while looking at the diversity of work, we should talk in terms of equity and not inclusion.” She also commented that “Andhra Pradesh’s participation at the UN High Level Political Forum and World Economic Forum was very impressive.

In a special address, Mr. Arun Kumar, Women Development and Child Welfare Development, GoAP emphasized on requirement for equal focus towards the adolescent girls as they would be a part of the future productive workforce.

“Addressing the nutrition aspect in women is important as good health condition is necessary to have an increase in the Female Labor Participation Force. As the financing of ICDS is not enough to provide proper nutritious food to everyone, the State government has step-up its share in programmes like Anna Amrutha Hastham and others to focus on anemia, malnutrition, etc. to achieve the SDGs” he added.

On a similar note, panel discussions were held to arrive at solutions to low wages to women compared to that to men and strategies to address poor ownership of proprietary establishments by women. Dr. Shahazadi Shaik, Senior Manager, Brandix Apparel City, Dr. Gouri Krishna, CEO and MD - Basix Consulting, and Ms. Nisha Subramanium from Project ASSEFA were among the many other panelists.

The state government aims to achieve a significant part of the SDGs by the year 2022. Towards this, targets have been set under each goal, for each year, starting from the FY 2018-19 for which progress is being tracked periodically through Real-time Outcome Monitoring System (ROMS). The developmental framework of 17 goals, 121 targets and 212 indicators are mapped to the government’s strategies and schemes for analyzing the level of effort required under each goal for achieving the Sunrise Andhra Pradesh Vision 2029. This serves as a base for aligning the SDG mandate with the State’s outcome budget.