Infrastructure & Energy

The Global Competitiveness Report by the World Economic Forum has considered the quality of infrastructure as one of the critical components to determine the competitiveness of a country. Quality infrastructure reduces income inequalities and parities by fostering economic growth. Infrastructure development creates a multiplier effect on the economic development of the state and is a major contributor to the growth strategy.

    Government of Andhra Pradesh has launched an Infrastructure Mission that has its main guiding principles as:
  • To provide excellent global and domestic connectivity
  • To provide well integrated multi-modal transportation
  • To become a logistics hub and a gateway to the world especially Asia and South-East Asia
  • Enable improved quality of life for the citizens
  • Ensure viable, sustainable and green development

Phased Strategy for Infrastructure Development

  Short Term Long Term
  • Optimising and expanding of existing port capacity Existing Minor ports to capitalise on capacity constraints of major ports along the east coast
  • Capitalise on deep draft ports to handle cape-size vessels along the East Coast
  • Enhance port connectivity to existing ports to be enhanced
  • Development of new ports to meet demand from industrial corridors
  • Development of multimodal connectivity and supply chain/logistics infrastructure
  • Lead containerisation trend through improved supply chain and cargo agglomeration
  • Development of bulk cargo ports to meet increased energy demands Ÿ Development of Coastal shipping
  • Prioritise lane expansion of roads with high vehicular traffic
  • Upgrade state highways to national highways
  • Improve last mile connectivity to ports and industrial hubs
  • Integrate road network with rail and shipping for a multi modal transit system
  • Four/two lane efficient hinterland connectivity to utilise the port development to its full potential
  • four/six lane connectivity from district headquarters to the State capital
  • Village connectivity through up gradation and new roads
  • Increased road density of s and national highways
Industrial Development
  • Build upon existing region specific industries
  • Agglomerate and encourage industries specific to each region
  • Focus on export led growth
  • Develop trade and logistics centre to facilitate global trade
  • Build upon high and large growth industries an create large scale employment
  • Build upon opportunities created by global trade
Industrial Corridor
  • Industrial Nodes be linked with the nearby industrial cluster
  • Connectivity between Industrial nodes and ports to be enhanced
  • Regions between the industrial clusters to be developed and nodes to become key growth drivers

  Short Term Long Term
  • Reduction of AT&C losses
  • 24x7 power to industries, commercial and domestic utilities
  • Capacity addition through purchases
  • Augment power demand through renewable sources
  • Up-gradation and strengthening of key Transmission and Distribution corridors
  • Capacity Addition through expansion of existing plant
  • Increase supply of power to agriculture and feeder segregation
  • Strengthening and expansion of transmission and distribution
  • Network to meet increased power consumption
Gas Pipeline
  • Development of LNG terminals and setting the foundation for transforming AP into a hub for Natural Gas
  • Expedite setting up of gas pipelines connecting every district
  • Provide gas to major industrial zones and cluster
  • Set up of more LNG terminals
  • Develop AP as a hub for Natural Gas.
  • Connect every industry, domestic households, and commercial establishment with pipes gas network in the state.
  • Gas pipelines to connect AP with the rest of Indiaal highways
Inland Waterways
  • Upgrade NW 5 in and around industrial clusters
  • Improve connectivity to roads and ports
  • Develop the entire stretch of NW 5
  • Enable industrial development of the hinterland by providing IWT as an alternate to surface connectivity for logistics
  • Expansion and up-gradation of operational airports to meet demand from industrial development
  • Development of green field airports
  • Develop AP as a MRO hub in India

  i. Beach Corridor
  ii. Upgradation and lane expansion of existing roads
2. GAS
  i. LNG Terminals
  ii. Gas grid connecting every district
  iii. City Gas Distribution Network
  i. Upgradation of existing 6 airports
  ii. Greenfield international airport at Visakhapatnam
  iii. 5 No-frills airports
  i. Total length of 3301 km of rail network planned by Ministry of Railways for the State
  i. Vizag-Chennai Industrial Corridor
  ii. Chennai-Bangalore Industrial Corridor
  i. 24X7 power supply to all
  ii.Total installed capacity of 22 GW
  i. Upgradation of 6 existing Ports
  ii. New Greenfield Ports
  i. From Kakinada to Puducherry
  i. AP to be developed as a “Logistics Hub