Third party audit of ROMS

Government of Andhra Pradesh and National University of Singapore collaborate for improving governance, institutional strengthening, output and research in the State

The National University of Singapore (NUS) and Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP) have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in December 2017, to collaborate on three aspects of governance, i.e. Strengthening Knowledge and Practices of Governance and Public Administration, Independent Audit of Real Time Monitoring System and Key Performance Indicators and Master Plan on Ease of Doing Business in Andhra Pradesh. On 9th July 2018, an addendum to the existing MOU was signed between these parties which included other additional projects – Health check-up of MSME Sector; collaboration on version 2.0 of the Vision 2029 Document; conduct Liveable city Index Study; and Improving quality of higher education in Andhra Pradesh.

The NUS acting through Asia Competitiveness Institute [ACI] under Lee Kuan School of Public Policy [LKYSPP] has collaborated on a program designed for supporting the senior public officials on formulation of public policies, and emerging governance models via case studies, seminars, research, field trips and other appropriate methods of engagement for senior public officials. The ACI shall act as a platform for advance executive engagement programs for civil servants to study formulation of public policies, economic situations and investment opportunities in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and China. ACI would conduct an Independent Audit of the Real Time Monitoring System and Key Performance Indicators developed by the State to check the quality and effectiveness of the programs designed to benefit the intended beneficiaries, the flow of information and impact. ACI at LKYSPP, NUS and the State government will jointly conduct a research on the strategies to enhance the economic competitiveness to attract investments to the Sunrise State of Andhra Pradesh, which has a vision to be the most preferred investment destination by 2050. This concentrates on improving the Ease of Doing Business Rank of the State.

ACI at LKYSPP, NUS shall work with local government officials, think-tanks, senior national and local government officials in India towards achieving the three objectives mentioned above and publish quarterly and annual progress reports for the purpose of Monitoring and Evaluation. ACI has already submitted 2 quarterly reports and will submit 2 more reports which covers the stated objectives under the signed MOU.