Monitoring Framework Report



In a first of its kind approach, the state of Andhra Pradesh has provided to its people 10 assurances at the village level via Samaj Vikasam and 15 securities at the family level via Kutumba Vikasam that are aimed at improving the quality of life, satisfaction and happiness of its people. In order to deliver on its promise, the state government has also established structures to overcome implementation and institutional challenges with an intensive and focused approach such as the 5 Grids, 5 Campaigns and 7 Missions. The 5 grids include Water, Power, Gas, Roads and Fibernet. The 5 campaigns include Swach Andhra, Polum Pilustondi (Farm is calling), Neeru Chettu (Water and Flora Conservation), Pedarikam Pai Gelupu (Winning over Poverty) and Badi Pilustondi (School is Calling). The 7 Missions include the Primary Sector Mission, Social Empowerment Mission, Infrastructure Mission, Service Sector Mission, Knowledge and Skill Development Mission, Urban Development Mission and Industry Sector Mission. The grids, campaigns and mission complement each other to ensure that the vision of the government and its pledge to its people is successfully realized.

Having realized that a results-focused approach along with consistent performance review, monitoring and management has become essential in order to learn from past experiences, bring in accountability, improve service delivery and achieve the set targets on time, the state has put into place a Monitoring and Evaluation system to review all Secretariat Departments across 13 districts regularly and exhaustively. This 8-Step process of Monitoring and Evaluation shifts the paradigm from implementation monitoring to reviewing actual impact and output of all strategies adopted by the state government. The Analysis Reports generated from this system are being used during Quarterly Collectors Conference, Monthly Chief Secretary’s Reviews and other Department and District review sessions for decision making and optimization of resources. In addition to addressing the challenges of finding the right set of data, setting clear objectives and building a strong results-based framework, this system has contributed immensely towards building capacity within the government system. When the process becomes as important as the outcomes to be monitored, the value added to the capacities of in-house government personnel can often mark the difference between an effective M&E framework and an ineffective one.

Andhra Pradesh has set upon its journey towards building a highly efficient, robust and exhaustive framework to monitor its efforts, outputs and outcomes without which it would neither be possible to acknowledge and reward achievements, nor understand and improve upon areas of concern.