Andhra Pradesh keen on increasing its Farm Productivity

Sri Nara Chandrababu Naidu has held consultations with the representatives of Iowa University, who are willing to support the mega seed park, which is to be built in Kurnool district.

The Chief Minister held a meeting with the producer of DuPont Pioneer to discuss the influence of factors like seeds, climate and soil management on productivity. The Government is keen on doubling the income of farmers and ensuring maximum productivity.

A global consortium of knowledge for agriculture was proposed in a meeting with Prof. LO Fresco, President, Wageningen University. Prof Fresco recommended that attempts are essential to make farming a lucrative profession for the millennials.

Zero Budget Natural Farming was also discussed with Mr. Bill Goldstein, Dean of Global Development and Mr. John Hagelin, President, Maharishi University. The Chief Minister expressed to them that two lakh farmers in the state have taken up Organic Farming.

In the meeting with US-India Strategic Partnership Forum, the Chief Minister spoke about the potential of the State in becoming the new greenfield capital and the Indian hub for horticulture.

The Smart Farming Convention, which is to be held in November in Visakhapatnam was announced at the conference held with leaders of the trade and industrial sector of the US.

“We are working towards nurturing the knowledge economy and infusing technology into agriculture”, said the Chief Minister.