Sector Papers Overview

The Vision 2029 framework of Andhra Pradesh consists of 6 transformational areas, namely, human development, inclusive growth, globally competitive economy, knowledge-based economy, sustainability, and governance. The major strategies of the Vision are centered around these areas. To compliment them and to bring in due focus on the sub-sectors under them, 14 sector-specific papers have been drafted on the following themes

To ignite the growth of the overall Sector, the concentration should be on the following areas
  • 1. Agriculture-Post Harvest Processing & Value Chain
  • 2. Economy & Public Finance Management
  • 3. Education
  • 4. Governance
  • 5. Green Mechanisms for Sustainable Development
  • 6. Health and Nutrition
  • 7. Infrastructure-Energy, Transport and Communications
  • 8. Industries & MSMEs
  • 9. Skill Development
  • 10. Social Development-Social Infrastructure, Vulnerability & Poverty
  • 11. Tourism and Hospitality
  • 12. Urban Development
  • 13. Water Resources-Institutions and Management

These papers contain in-depth analysis of the current scenario, issues and challenges, strategies to achieve the Vision, and indicators to monitor progress towards the goals. They serve as guidelines for the concerned line departments to understand the sector comprehensively and design strategies.