Vision Overview

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In the endeavor to transform the state into a globally competitive and happy society, Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP) has embarked on scripting Vision 2029 document that lays down the vision encompassing key strategies, targets, and milestones to be one among the top three performing states in the country by 2022, the best state in the country by 2029 and eventually becoming the most preferred global investment destination by 2050.

To achieve these goals, the state government has evolved a holistic monitoring strategy encompassing five themes: Gross Value Added (GVA), Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Samaja Vikasam, Kutumba Vikasam and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). The broad development strategy under the 7 Missions, 5 Grids and 5 Campaign modes taken up by the government will be the basis for this overall Vision framework for a total transformation of our society towards ‘Prosperity with Happiness’.

The state has embarked on sustaining a double digit inclusive growth of 12% for the nearing 15 years, projecting a substantial jump both in the size of the economy and per capita income as well, and thereby paving the way for the state to become an upper middle-income economy. Human Development and Inclusive Growth are a prerequisite alongside economic growth to empower people, eliminate poverty and inequality and to create a healthy and happy society. The Human Development Index (HDI) value of Andhra Pradesh in 2011-2012 is (0.665), which is marginally better than that of India, which is computed as (0.651). GoAP will target to attain a high human development status for the state by 2019 by improving its HDI to 0.7 and make the state into a very high human development one by 2022 with its HDI value above 0.8. Moreover, by the end of Vision period of 2029, GoAP ambitiously will strive to improve the human development indicator status of the state to a level where it will attain a HDI value of over 0.9.

The state has recorded an impressive economic growth performance of 10.95% in the fiscal year 2015-16, the only state in the country to record double digit growth. Due to untiring efforts and innovative policies, the government could post a healthy growth rate of 12.23% during the first half of the financial year 2016-17 and expect to maintain double digit growth for the full year. The advance estimate of growth performance of 2016-17 is 11.61% and the growth target for 2017-2018 is 15.00%.

Vision is not just about economy, but also about happiness/well-being. Andhra Pradesh aims to be No.1 in the world by 2050 in this aspect. The Government of Andhra Pradesh believes that a holistic and sustainable approach to state’s development is one that balances material and non-material values with the conviction that happiness of its people is the supreme goal. Stimulating an increase in the quality of life of its people remains at the forefront of the state’s policies. The factors that influence people’s well-being come into play at the local level; employment, access to education, levels of public safety, health status, for instance, differ from region to region even within a state. Andhra Pradesh takes cognizance of this and has instituted flagship programmes such as Kutumba Vikaasam (KV) and Samaaja Vikaasam (SV) aligned to the SDG framework for global benchmarking while taking actions at gram panchayat/village level.